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FAX and E-Mail acceptance of legal advertising is contingent upon acceptance by any client of the following conditions and their use of FAX and E-Mail shall signify acceptance of the conditions:

  • The Gwinnett Daily Post will not be responsible for any errors that occur in transmission, including identification and notification that an error has occurred. Publication of any transmission as received fulfills the obligation of our publication to the sending client.
  • The Gwinnett Daily Post will shall not be held responsible for any Transmission directed to the publication, but not received by it. The decision of the publication shall be final on determining receipt of any message.
  • The Gwinnett Daily Post will has no reasonable way to confirm authenticity Of a transmission received or whether it was transmitted by an authorized agent of a legal client and shall not be held responsible for determining this.
  • All clients using FAX and E-Mail for transmission of legal data agree to hold this publication harmless for consequences of any breach of confidentiality which might occur.
  • Clients using FAX and E-Mail agree to read the first publication of any data faxed to verify its accuracy and shall notify the newspaper per any corrections required by 5 p.m. on the Monday following the first publication.
  • Facsimile cannot replace the submission of accurate source documents, but can provide a quicker, easier way to transmit such data for those who wish to use it. We are glad to cooperate by implementing FAX and E-Mail availability after clarifying user risks, as identified currently. 09500235, TFN